Nephalem Rifts – Diablo III Guide

Nephalem Rifts – Diablo III Guide

Nephalem Rifts are a randomized dungeon system, introduced in Reaper of

Complete Season 26 Fast Leveling Guide – ALL CLASSES & STRATEGIES (with Cheat Sheet)

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Leveling Guide:
Cubing/Gambling Guide:
Challenge Rift:
Haedrig’s Gift:
Kadala Gamble Chart:

1. Create/Rebirth Seasonal Character
2. Complete Challenge Rift
3. Open Challenge Cache
4. Level Blacksmith + Mystic
5. Take Follower Weapon & Equip a Pet
5. Craft low lvl weapons & lvl 70 red. requirement weapon
5. Gamble
6. Get Kanai’s Cube
7. Upgrade rare lvl 70 weapon / cube items
8. Check Vendors every time in town

Choose Your Leveling Strategy
a) Nephalem Rifts (2h+)
b) Massacre Bonuses (1-2h)
c) Halls of Agony Blades T6 (1-1.5h)
d) Cursed Chests (45-75min, group only)


Barbarian: 2h Mighty Weapons (Bastion’s Revered, Blade of the Tribes, Fury of the Vanished Peak, The Gavel of Judgment) (4/6 are good) or Spears (Arreat’s Law, The Three Hundredth Spear) (2/2) are good)

Crusader: 2h Flails (Akkhan’s Leniency, Fate of the Fell, Golden Flense (3/8 are good results) or 1h Flails (Darklight, Gyrfalcon’s Foote, Johanna’s Argument) (3/7 are good)

Demon Hunter: Daggers (Lord Greenstone’s Fan, Karlei’s Point (2/2 are good)

Monk: Daibos (Balance, Incense Torch of the Grand Temple, Flying Dragon, The Flow of Eternity) (4/8 are good)

Necromancer: 2h Scythes (Bloodtide Blade / Reilena’s Shadowhook) (2/4 are decent, 2/4 are good)

Witch Doctor: Spears (Scrimshaw) (100% good result) or Ceremonial Knives (The Barber, The Dagger of Darts, The Spider Queen’s Grasp) (3/12 are good)

Wizard: Wands (Fragment of Destiny, Wand of Woh, Unstable Scepter and Serpent’s Sparker) (4/10 are good)


ALL CLASSES: Pants (Pox Faulds)

Barbarian: Bracers (Bracers of Destruction and Bracers of the First Men) or Rings (Band of Might)

Crusader: Bracers (Gabriel’s Vambraces) or Shields (Guard of Johanna and Denial)

Demon Hunter: Bracers (Wraps of Clarity) or Helms (Leoric’s Crown) or Quivers at level 31 (Holy Point Shot, especially if you upgraded into Karlei’s Point)

Monk: Bracers (Gungdo Gear, Cesar’s Memento and Pinto’s Pride) or Boots (The Crudest Boots and Rivera Dancers)

Necromancer: Gloves (Grasps of Essence) or Rings (Circle of Nailuj’s Evol, especially if you upgraded into Reilena’s Shadowhook)

Witch Doctor: Mojos (Gazing Demise, especially if you upgraded into The Barber)

Wizard: Offhands at level 1 (Winter Flurry) or at level 33 (Etched Sigil)


Act 1:
The Cursed Cellar – The Old Ruins
The Cursed Court – Cathedral Level 2
The Cursed Bellows – Halls of Agony Level 3

Act 2:
The Cursed Pit – Archives of Zoltun Kulle
The Cursed Spire – Archives of Zoltun Kulle
The Cursed Moors – Shrouded Moors
The Cursed Temple – Temple of the Firstborn

Act 3:
The Cursed Garrison – The Battlefields
The Cursed Bailey – The Ruins of Sescheron

Act 4:

Act 5:
The Cursed Peat – Paths of the Drowned


– Always choose a difficulty where you can both comfortably survive and kill most enemies within a few seconds
– Use bursts in character power to crank up the difficulty and increase your speed
– Pick up items from the ground, especially yellows
– Decide quickly which items to keep and which to salvage
– Make sure to leave the game at the same time when in a group
– Use Diamonds for defense and a Ruby in helmet and weapon
– Use good map layouts to clean them up
– Use all your gold and mats to improve your speed

STRONG BASIC SKILLS (without damage multipliers)

Barb: HotA, Seismic, Rend
Crus: Sweep, Hammers
DH: Multishot, Sentry, Spike Trap
Monk: Exploding Palm, Sweeping Wind, Mystic Ally
Necro: Corpse Explosion, Skeletons
WD: Locust Swarm, Haunt, Pets
Wiz: Hydra, Blizzard, Arcane Torrent

00:00 Intro & Challenge Rift
01:16 Vendors, Crafting
04:04 Getting the Cube
05:25 Upgrading/Gambling
08:34 All Leveling Strategies
14:33 Haedrig’s Gift
16:01 Outro

Diablo 3 How To Farm Materials – Tips & Tricks Season 26

In this video I show you the best Tips & Tricks for how to farm materials in Diablo 3. This includes all the bounty materials, as well as the normal crafting material that are used for Kanai’s cube.
I hope you enjoy this best ways to get crafting materials fast in diablo 3 guide, more information + timestamps down below.

00:00 How to farm materials
00:28 Why bounties are so good
1:24 How to farm reusable parts & Arcane Dust
3:16 Convert With Cube
4:17 Veiled Crystal /Forgotten Souls
5:18 Death’s Breath and Greater Rift Keystones
7:04 Most important notes

For reusable parts you can do ACT 5 Farming in Battle of Eternity, but the best way is using the cube to convert. You can convert veiled crystal and arcane dust into reusable parts and the other way around dependent on need. Forgotten souls can be farmed from just doing Greater Rifts, can salvaging the legendary & ancient legendary items that drop. Even primal items will give you 15 souls.

If you equip your follower with Cain’s destiny and Sage’s journey, you can get double amount of death’s breath and 25% chance for an extra greater rift keystone when a key drops. Which is about 1 extra on average, but can give all they up to 8 keys from 1 t16 Nephalem rift.

So if you need any of the following, then do bounties:
From act 1 you get Khanduran rune, act 2 gives you caldeum nightshade, you get arrest war tapestry from act 3, and corrupted angel flesh from act 4 and westmarch holy water from act 5. You will also get some death’s breath, but not a lot.

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Diablo 3 , Reaper of Souls – Nephalem Rifts – GullofDoom – Guide

Hello everyone and yes. It’s yet another Reaper of Souls video , this time we’re covering the newly added Nephalem Rifts which you can obtain through completing bounties and getting Rift Keystone Fragments , you’ll need 5 to get into a Rift. The Rift Obelisks are placed in the hometown of every town in each Act. I do recommend taking on the act with more people as it’s by far more effective , you’ll simply have to kill monsters in the Rift untill you fill the bar up to 100% , afterwards the Rift Guardian will show up and they’re quite a threat so excercise some caution! They’ll drop alot of good loot and grant you alot of experience , good luck!

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