How to Kill Katagawa Jr. – Borderlands 3 Guide

How to Kill Katagawa Jr. – Borderlands 3 Guide

This portion of our Wiki Guide will detail some of our best tips, tricks, and strategies for defeating Katagawa Jr. during the chapter 9 mission, Atlas, At

Borderlands 3 – Katagawa Jr – Easy Boss farm.

Nice easy Boss farm on Mayhem 10 or 11 to increase your legendary library.
Farming Katagawa Jr today in Atlas HQ. Quick and easy for chance of 3 dedicated drops and world drops.


Borderlands 3 – How to beat Katagawa Jr Boss

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Strategy: This is a Ninja that looks just like the NPC “Zero”. The way his health works is that you must damage one of his clones (doesn’t matter which clone) and this leaves lasting damage on the boss health. The clones do one of two things: they either Snipe at you from the rooftops OR they attack you with a katana at close range. When you see smoke being thrown at you and the screen gets blurry that’s when the katana clones will spawn. You can also run away from the smoke so your screen doesn’t get blurry. It’s good to have a close-range weapon (shotgun, SMG) and a long-range weapon (Sniper Rifle) for this fight. Use a Sniper Rifle against the rooftop clones. When they are near the electric generators, just shoot the generators to zap them. When they are attacking with katana on the ground you use the shotgun. You don’t have super much cover in this fight and the snipers can hit you from almost anywhere but they are slow and you can find angles where they can’t hit you or move really quickly so they miss their shot. From each clone you must take away its shield (blue bar) before being able to deal it some health damage (red bar). Only the health damage you do to the clones affects the boss health. Also, they will almost instantly disappear as soon as they take the first hit on their health bar – so make sure your mag isn’t about to run out when their shield is going down. During the final phase when the boss has less than 5% health left he will spawn and attack with quick melee strikes but they are easily dodged by jumping back and forth from one side to another. His last 5% health take a lot of hits to bring down and then he spawns in the middle of the arena where you can perform the killshot.


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